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 We at GrowthO Bring you the Complete Guide  & Help you with the Facebook ADs Creation & Reach your perfect Audience. GrowthO has the Best Team to Manage your Facebook ADs. Planning, Structuring, Creating & Placing it in Media, Huff such a huge and lengthy process with head banging in research and all. But here  at GrowthO , our team of Marketing Master Mind Love their Work & always at Ease to work for you. Facebook ADs  is not a  Easy Pie to do, if you Don’t want to Waste your Money eared by your Hard work .

If you don’t have a proper team knowing the basics of ADs creation & Facebook ADs Creation then you surly might waste you money, But if you have a team like GrowthO who understands the Market Audience,Content Readability Score, Audience Taste & Ad strategy Perfect for your Target Audience.  

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Is Facebook Still in Competition After Instagram ? Is Facebook Still Trending in 2020?

How often do you think from when Instagram take place Facebook is almost dead for people. Months pass, no see to Facebook. I think last I used Facebook was in 10th class when Instagram was not much popular. But as time passed I saw that Facebook ads is still on peak. There are many reason why social media marketers even consider Facebook advertising more effective-

  • Still billions of people go through Facebook advertisements and spend a lot of hours.
  • It’s provides a platform to small companies to give a cut thought competition if used correctly.
  • Serving the ads to the targeted audience.
  • Facebook is smarter than YouTube. Unlike YouTube they don’t interrupt you by showing advertisement before every video.
  • They want to integrate their ads into the natural flow of the experience, as seamlessly as possible.
  • In Facebook people get to know about live events and a reminder before that.
  • Facebook provide ad management tool The Power Editor organize your ads in different way and gives you a few more options to customize your advertising.

Do you guys know Facebook ADs contains some features

Sponsored Post Booste

“sponsored” tag, below the name of the site. Set your Audience and let reach your post to its Destination.

Page Reach,Like & Follow

The prompt to like the page in the top right corner

Action button

A call-to-action button in the bottom right corner.For Transferring you Audience to a Destination. "Shop, Call, Location, Website, Url Etc"

Continuing with the game example, you could create one set for Instagram ads and one for desktop feed ads. Like this you can have multiple ads in each ad set, to test which ones work best

Have you guys ever created a realistic budget for Facebook ads?

Especially, when you’ve never run a ad! And you know how much money you can create with per click?


Suppose Product value: $100 You want to sell: 10 Conversion rate: 1%

Now a little basic math can help us figure out that in order to make $1,000, off of 10 sales with a 1% conversion rate, you’re going to need 1,000 visits (or clicks on your ad).
So how much is it going to cost to get those 1,000 clicks? That’s what you want to figure out here.
Because it will tell you how much to set aside for a Daily budget. This is the max number you want to spend each day to hit your goal. It’s just a small piece of the overall Lifetime budget for the entire campaign.
      And cost per click on Facebook ads on an average is 0.27$. Could you imagine how much you can earn through Facebook ads.
As you can see, I tried to add little to your knowledge now it’s up to you how to use it to it’s best.
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